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Yellow Express Logistics Ltd

YELLOW EXPRESS LOGISTICS LTD , a public limited company incorporated under the companies Act of 2013, is engaged in the business of taking Nissan vehicles for lease from third party customers who are the registered owners of vehicles for attaching the same to online cab operators in India and also subleasing the vehicles to its associate entities like Login India IT solutions for promoting digital marketing activities.

All expenses and responsibilities will be undertaken by the company and will be giving Rs.27 000/- monthly for the lease period of 4 years after all expenses like driver diesel repairs accidents or incidents and the vehicle will also be purchased by the company for a price of Rs.2.50 lakhs after lease period of 4 years.

YELLOW EXPRESS LOGISTICS LTD has been engaged in marketing and promoting its digitized products and specially Yellow Express Cab services by the involvement of information technology. Yellow Express Cabs are helpful for the common man of this country to a very great extend which automatically transforms India to a digitally empowered society. Yellow Express Logistics Ltd creates opportunities that nurture talent and enable the people of India to utilize their potential to ensure accessibility of key services through an electronic medium of global standards by inspiring technology to convey the digital needs of an Indian citizen. Moreover, Yellow Express Cabs are available at affordable cost and people will definitely enjoy the journey on yellow cabs.

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Promoting Online Cabs... with a difference

A DIGITAL EXECUTIVE of Yellow Express Logistics has to market and promote digital products and services by giving digital awareness to all classes of people, specially about Online cabs, whether they are rich or poor, literate of illiterate, forward class or backward class. Yellow Express Logistics Ltd and Nissan Yellow Cabs helps people to pass on the positives of digitization to their friends, relatives, neighbors, class mates, house meetings, religious meetings, family meetings, business friends, political friends, political meetings, school meetings, digital friends like whats-app contacts, face book friends and so on. All this happens by highlighting Digital learning, Digital literacy, Digital banking, Online bookings, Online applications, Online payments, Online shopping, Online cabs, Online education, Online registration, Online translations, importance of Google maps, downloading applications and so on.

Yellow Express Logistics

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From Yellow Express Logistics Ltd

SEPTEMBER 14, 2018


New Delhi, India

Yellow express Logistics Ltd is launching online cabs with a difference where all the cabs will be in a special yellow color along with features like headrest monitors, extra music system, GPS navigators, live camera and so on.

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OCTOBER 24, 2018


Bangalore, India

This live camera will ensure maximum safety to women and it will be a turning point in the history of cabs in India.

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OCTOBER 25, 2018


New Delhi, India

The special color of the car will enable the common man to identify the vehicle much easier and also the main specialty is that any person can enter into the cab without booking online which means just like entering into a 3 wheeler

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