About Us

YELLOW EXPRESS LOGISTICS LTD , a public limited company incorporated under the companies Act of 2013, is engaged in the business of taking Nissan vehicles for lease from third party customers who are the registered owners of vehicles for attaching the same to online cab operators in India and also subleasing the vehicles to its associate entities like Login India IT solutions for promoting digital marketing activities.

All expenses and responsibilities will be undertaken by the company and will be giving Rs.27 000/- monthly for the lease period of 4 years after all expenses like driver diesel repairs accidents or incidents and the vehicle will also be purchased by the company for a price of Rs.2.50 lakhs after lease period of 4 years.

YELLOW EXPRESS LOGISTICS LTD has been engaged in marketing and promoting its digitized products and services by the involvement of information technology to the maximum specially Online cabs, where the people of India are educated about the benefits of the same and other Online activities that is helpful for the common man of this country to a very great extend which automatically transforms India to a digitally empowered society and thereby creating opportunities that nurture talent and enable the people of India to utilize their potential to ensure accessibility of key services through an electronic medium of global standards by inspiring technology to convey the digital needs of an Indian citizen.

A creative idea conceptualized by Yellow Express Logistics recognizes the challenges to be addressed to leverage upon the expertise and resources for this noble cause. We have set up plans in a systematic order and are working towards accomplishing our planned objectives in anticipated time with a focus to surface as resonating backing to the concept of digitization and small city ventures across the nation as a centre of excellence. It is our endeavor to reach out to every citizen at the grass root level spreading to all classes of people without any discrimination of rich or poor, literate or illiterate, backward class or forward class and so on society which is socially marginalized without Online activities because YELLOW EXPRESS LOGISTICS LTD group strongly believe that promoting digitization to the maximum in all walks of life is the only way to develop our country, create more tax payers which increases the income of government and also the best remedy to reduce corr


Our humble aim is to make every Indian, log on to a computer, tablet or a smart phone for accessing almost all the digital services and products specially online cab application of major online taxi companies through yellow express which will be a tremendous gain for the citizen and the country as a whole. Our incredible provocative and viable group will guarantee that our vision of Digitization is accomplished at the earliest by exploiting co operative energies and also design to more up to date statures in building this new Digital promotion more significant and impactful. We are identifying and delivering solutions that help us in working towards creating a digital dream and looking forward to associate with you in a technology driven atmosphere for giving motivations to be successful with the joint venture programs of YELLOW EXPRESS LOGISTICS LTD and the logistics Team of Yellow Express

Digital Vision

The Logistics Team of Yellow Express has a clear digital vision of changing India digitally and we are the most confident than anyone else in this country to achieve this goal. Nearly 50% of the people in India do not even have the basic needs to survive their life because we the people of India escape from paying taxes to the government but after the wide popularity and use of Online activities by the common man in the coming years, there will be more number of tax payers which automatically increases the income of the government and less corruption as a result of digitization.