YELLOW EXPRESS LOGISTICS LTD , a public limited company incorporated under the companies Act of 2013, is engaged in the business of taking Nissan vehicles for lease from third party customers who are the registered owners of vehicles for attaching the same to online cab operators in India and also subleasing the vehicles to its associate entities like Login India IT solutions for promoting digital marketing activities.

All expenses and responsibilities will be undertaken by the company and will be giving Rs.27 000/- monthly for the lease period of 4 years after all expenses like driver diesel repairs accidents or incidents and the vehicle will also be purchased by the company for a price of Rs.2.50 lakhs after lease period of 4 years.

Yellow Express Logistics Ltd Buy Back Scheme

The most attractive part of yellow express leasing project is the Buy Back Scheme where the investor will not face the burden of selling his car after the loan and lease period of four years because it will be purchased back by the company at a price of not less than 2.50 lakhs. So the investor can correctly decide the exact income he is going to get for investing in the project. The buy back scheme becomes more significant after four years because the investor will be purchasing hundreds of vehicles and it will be a burden for him to sell at a good price after the lease period lis lover but as far as the company is concerned the real profit of the project comes after buying back these vehicles from the registered owner who is the investor because the vehicle will be free from EMI and monthly payment to the customer. The main reason for that is the quality and strength of Nissan vehicles where it can be easily used for 10 years by giving proper service because the same model is sold in more than 100 countries and it is exported from the huge manufacturing unit in India.