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Online Cab Investment

YELLOW EXPRESS LOGISTICS LTD , a public limited company incorporated under the companies Act of 2013, is engaged in the business of taking Nissan vehicles for lease from third party customers who are the registered owners of vehicles for attaching the same to online cab operators in India and also subleasing the vehicles to its associate entities like Login India IT solutions for promoting digital marketing activities.

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All expenses and responsibilities will be undertaken by the company and will be giving Rs.27 000/- monthly for the lease period of 4 years after all expenses like driver diesel repairs accidents or incidents and the vehicle will also be purchased by the company for a price of Rs.2.50 lakhs after lease period of 4 years.

Leasing project of yellow express logistics is an excellent opportunity for investing in Online cabs where the investor enjoys a consistent monthly income which will be much more than the regular bank investments. We cannot even compare a bank investment and our leasing project investment because the returns are so high in the online cab investment than investing in a bank . If we invest 2 lakhs in a bank , the maximum returns will not be more than Rs. 1500 but in the case of online cab investment if you invest two lakhs to purchase a vehicle, you are getting more than Rs. 10000 in a month, which is 10 times more than the normal bank investments. Moreover after the demonetization of the central government the real estate market also has become unpredictable and its too risky than before to purchase a property

Online Cab

Leasing project of yellow express logistics is an excellent opportunity for investing in Online cabs

Buy Back Schemes

The most attractive part of yellow express leasing project is the Buy Back Scheme

Good Services

Yellow Express Cabs are helpful for the common man of this country to a very great extend.

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Yellow Express Logistics Ltd creates opportunities that nurture talent.

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